How To Make Use Of Goods Resource In Forge Of Empires Game

How To Make Use Of Goods Resource In Forge Of Empires Game

How To Make Use Of Goods Resource In Forge Of Empires Game

The most common resource that you will use in the game of Forge Of Empires is Goods. These are available in the Goods Building, and there are around 70 kinds of Goods that you can use in the game. You can spend Goods on several occasions. That’s why some people desperately need to use our Forge Of Empire Cheats Some of the uses of Goods are mentioned below.


Trading is the most important aspect of the game. As purchasing every single product from the Goods store is difficult, so players trade these Goods. All those goods that are not easy or cheap to acquire can be traded. You can even join a Guild to perform several trades with other players.

Once you join a Guild, you be able to perform the Fair Trading system. In this system, Goods are traded evenly, which is based on the production costs of the goods that are involved. It is up to each player, if he wants to make use of the Fair Trade system or Free Market Trading system.

Negotiating With Provinces:

Instead of fighting for a province, some players can make use of certain Goods to negotiate with a province. It depends on the owner of the province to demand the number of items it requires. The demand can be a minimum of one product or a maximum of four products. These demands will depend on the difficulty level of acquiring a province.


You can research for numerous technologies in the game. These technologies are required for unlocking buildings, units, infrastructures, guilds, etc. Researching in the game is vital because when a player researches a technology of a higher age, he will progress to that age.

There are different amount of technologies that are available to be unlocked in each age. For instance, the Bronze Age has 22 technologies whereas the Contemporary Era has 18 technologies. The amount of Coins, Supplies, and Goods required to complete the technologies also varies. To know more about the technologies that have been researched and the ones that are left to be researched, you can check them through the Tech-Tree. The Tech-Tree is a visual representation of your progress through the various Ages.

Constructing Great Buildings:  

Great Buildings are special buildings that are built by players as they provide powerful benefits. At each Age, you will come across two Great Buildings. Each of these Buildings has unique bonuses, space required to build it, as well as graphics. Conventional Buildings require Coins and Resources to build but Great Buildings need Goods and Blueprints too.

Goods Buildings:

Goods are created in the Goods Buildings and they can be unlocked through Research and Technology. It is very costly to build a Goods Buildings. Moreover, you will require loads of people to work there as employees. To use a Goods Building, you will require Coins and Supplies.

Depending on your current Age, you can get a Goods Package as a reward. Goods Package can be earned through treasure hunts, completing certain quests, purchasing them with Diamonds, conquering certain provinces, and producing them in some special buildings.

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