Forge Of Empires Military Units

Forge Of Empires Military Units

All That You Wanted To Know About Military Units In Forge Of Empires

There are innumerable Military Units available at every Age in Forge of Empires game. Mentioned below, are the Military Units that are available in Bronze Age and Iron Age. It may sound crazy to try all of the units, but with our Forge Of Empires hack it will be much easier for you guys.


Bronze Age:


This is the first unit that you will get in the game. In the opening quests, you will be provided with two unattached units. It is the cheapest unit in the game and is quite useful as it has the fastest healing time. With this unit, it will take a few seconds to heal instead of minutes.


It is a heavy unit that has high stats in defense and is very tough. In the Bronze Age, it is a perfect replacement for light units. In the end, when you get better, you can replace light units.


Make use of this unit only if you want to experiment with how they work, otherwise it is not worth spending time on this one!


The Slinger causes light damage, and can be easily destroyed. However, its short range makes it an attractive unit among players. Till the time the player gets experienced in using the Slinger, it is better to use only few per battle.

Stone Thrower:

The stats of this unit are very low. Its range is long and can hit many units, but it is not necessary that all units will be hit with it. You will get a Stone Thrower in the beginning of the game and it can be used for attacking ranged units.

Iron Age:


It is the light unit of Iron Age and is extremely efficient to use. Their moderately high attack, speed, and defense make them very effective against other fast units of the age. A good way to use it is by hiding behind the bushes and using it as a defense unit.


It is a heavy unit that has the highest defense in the Iron Age. However, it is not advisable to use when combating with an army with several ranged units because it has a slow speed. So, it will end up getting killed without doing any damage.

Mounted Warrior:

It is an upgrade of the Horseman and has the highest speed in this age. You can effectively use it against ranged units like the Archer. It is a good unit to be used against artillery units!


The Archer is an upgraded version of Slinger. In the Iron Age, they have the highest attack, which makes them very effective in most of the situations. As it has low defense, it is vulnerable to all damages. The biggest threats to the Archer are the Artillery units so do not use them if your opponent has many Artillery units.


The Ballista is effective against heavy class units. You can use it as a fire support by staying behind the army. It has a good attack range, value, and defense so it’s recommended to use a group of Ballistas in combat against melee classes. However, it is vulnerable against fast or light units like Soldiers and Mounted Warriors.


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