Forge Of Empires Guide – All about Coins and Diamonds

Forge Of Empires Guide – All about Coins and Diamonds

Forge Of Empires Guide – All about Coins and Diamonds

The two most important currencies in Forge Of Empires are Coins and Diamonds. You can use these currencies for purchasing various resources. That’s why we have included Coins and Diamonds Cheats feature in our Forge Of Empires Hack. Listed below is some important information on Coins and Diamonds that will make your game simpler!



Coins are the primary currency of the game. An easy way to earn Coins is from Residential Buildings and by completing quests. There are different kinds of Residential Buildings available in the game. Some of them provide more population and fewer Coins, whereas some provide more Coins and less population. Hut is the first Residential building that is available in the game. It will let you earn loads of Coins in comparison to other buildings. However, make sure that you collect Coins every 5 minutes. The amount of Coins you earn also depends on the frequency of you signing in the game.

Uses Of Coins:

You can make use of Coins to purchase Forge Points and recruit armies. Forge Points can be used to trade with other players, upgrade buildings, and to research various technologies. Other uses of Coins are to unlock technologies, purchase buildings, completing certain quests, exploring a province, etc.

Coins Packages:

By completing some events, you will be rewarded with Coin Packages. The amount of Coins included in the package varies according to the Age. Some examples of Large Coin Packages at different Ages are – Bronze Age 500 Coins, Iron Age 4,000 Coins, Early Middle Ages 8,000 Coins, etc. You can even get Medium Coin Package and Small Coin Package.


Diamonds are the special currency of the game. You can purchase Diamonds by spending real world money or by generating it with Forge Of Empire Cheats. However, if you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on online games or using FOE Hack, then another way to earn Diamonds is by completing certain quests. However, that is possible only on rare occasions. Once in a while, a Wishing Well can also provide Diamonds.

Uses Of Diamonds:

You can use 50 Diamonds to scout a province. Various resources can be purchased for 5 Diamonds each. For instance, you can buy 50 Lumber and 50 Whale Oil for 250 Diamonds each. Forge Points can also be bought for Diamonds. Each Forge Point costs 50 Diamonds. Depending on which Age you are, you can unlock additional Military Buildings by spending Diamonds.

There are some Military units that take several hours to train. So, if you want to train your military units quickly then make use of 50 Diamonds. By spending 200 Diamonds, you can purchase a blueprint. It is better to spend Diamonds on buying blueprint rather than trading them because you can be assured of receiving a genuine blueprint.

Another use of Diamonds is to heal and revive units. This will cost you 4 Diamonds per hit points. However, you need to revive dead units immediately after the battle. You can even purchase an expansion for your city by spending Diamonds. To know the price for each expansion of the city, you can check the expansion page. Special Buildings can also be bought with Diamonds. The Special Buildings are much better than other buildings available in each Age.

So, make use of the above guide and enjoy your Forge Of Empires game!

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